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Can we just…

I read this today whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed. It was on a wood sign someone had created.

Yes, I have a beautiful daughter. I also have a gun, a shovel and an alibi.

I’m sorry, what? Can we stop this. Can we please just stop all of this.

As you may or may not be aware, it’s now 2018. Especially after Oprah’s life changing speech at the Golden Globes last week, we should all be well acquainted with the idea that women are strong, resilient people who can take care of themselves and each other. Can we stop making our daughters out to be damsels in distress that need to be protected, rather than empower them to make great relationship choices? And by the same token, can we please stop making our sons out to be villains who surely will be the root of all evil, pain, suffering and sadness when it comes to our daughters? Give each boys and girls the power of consent, the power of owning their own bodies and feelings and acting and reacting accordingly? It’s high time. It’s high time we ditch stupid, kitschy sayings like this, because as much as everyone will defend it and say, “but it’s funny,” it’s really not that funny at all.

Our job as parents is to raise strong, smart, independent human beings who can navigate through their life without having us prop them up the whole time. Our job is to make sure our daughters know that saying no is their right and saying yes is also their right. Our job is to make sure our kids are learning and practicing respect for each other, their bodies, property and feelings. Our job is to make sure we raise these kids to be kind to others, strong, intelligent and able to make choices that they’re proud of.

Our job is not to take the power away from them, the freedom to choose wisely, the ability to create relationships, and learn from them, whether good or bad. Because this is life. This is your whole life.

It’s a new year, time for a new perspective. Please. Give your daughters and sons the knowledge and power. Build them. Support them. This is our job. Please stop buying these ridiculous things and actually think about them…it’s not so funny anymore.


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